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Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly will my bank accounts be linked?


We securely link your bank accounts with the assistance of a "live" bookkeeper. Your live bookkeeper will walk you through each step via video conference to insure a successful setup.  

Will my account be outsourced to someone in another country?


Never ever. All services are rendered on US soil. Our accountants and bookkeepers go through a rigorous screening, including a criminal background and credit check. All are domiciled in the U.S. and possess a business degree from a U.S. college or university. A minimum of three years of work experience in public accounting is a requirement. 

Can I send a text message to my bookkeeper?


Certainly. We encourage you to keep in contact with your accounting team by any means convenient for you. No question or concern is too small for us. It’s our goal to help your business succeed.  

I already have QuickBooks Online, can I still use Edge?

Absolutely and we’ll even sweeten the deal by giving you a client discounted subscription rate. Once you choose a service plan, your accounting team will review your account and propose any necessary changes or tweaks.

How often will my accounting records be updated?


Everyday a dedicated bookkeeper will update your accounting records, properly categorize your transactions to a pre-approved chart of accounts and provide you with an accurate monthly Income Statement and Balance Sheet.  

Can I monitor my company's sales and expenses?


You can monitor your company's sales and expenses from your laptop or from the QuickBooks Online Mobile App in real-time. Your dashboard provides a plenitude of pertinent financial data, including profit and loss, sales, invoice status, expenses and bank cash and credit card balances.  

Can I record cash or credit card receipts from my business?


Yes. You can use the QuickBooks Mobile app to turn your phone’s camera into a receipt scanner. Snap a photo of a receipt and QuickBooks will attach it to the expense in your books.

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